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Resumé writing can be a challange. How does one effectively sell oneself within a mere couple pages? And then there are the formatting and grammar rules, which can be enough to make or break a promising job oppertunity! Sure, there are websites devoted to resumé/CV writing, but sometimes it can just be helpful to bounce ideas or questions off of a community of peers. If this is what you're looking for, you've come to the right place.

Rules Overview

  • NO FLAMING: Let's concentrate on learning and improving rather than degrading, eh? Flames will be deleted instantly and anyone who flames repeatedly will be banned.

  • NO ADVERTISING: Feel free to post your resumé/CV for critique or to show off something nifty you've done, but advertising will not be tolerated. This is not a classifieds board.

  • LANGUAGE: You may post your resumé/CV in any language you'd like, but understand that this group is predominantly English speakers, so you may not find the help you seek here.

  • SCANS: You may post scans of your resumé/CV as image files. However, if the image is over 350x350px or 200kb or you're posting more than three images, please place it/them behind an LJ-cut.

  • FULL TEXT: You may post the full text of your resumé/CV here, but it must be under an LJ-cut. Other options to posting the full text include hotlinking to a microsoft word or PDF file.

  • PERSONAL INFO: Do Not post the personal contact information of other members anywhere in this group. If a member wishes to post their own contact information, he or she may do so.

  • Helpful Resources

  • Cover Letter Writing Guide
    This will give you some pointers on cover letters and other kinds of related letters.

  • Resume-Help.org
    A nicely-organized one stop resource for resume writing. Full of great pointers!

  • The Riley Guide: Resume/CV Help
    A comprehensive collection of articles about Resumes/CV's. Very informative!

  • Resume-Resource.com
    Examples, templates and pointers. Be sure to check out the "Power Verbs" section!

  • Resumes at CollegeGrad.com
    A good guide for college grads to make a quick start with their Resumes.

  • Resume FAQ
    Need a quick answer while writing your Resume? Check this FAQ.

  • Comprehensive English Grammar FAQ
    Just about any semantic question about English Grammar is answered here.

  • Microsoft Office Templates
    Using a pre-made template can look great & save you a lot of time!

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