Funky-Tailed Squirrel (5ampunkrock) wrote in resume_help,
Funky-Tailed Squirrel


Hi, I just joined. Any help would be wonderful, as my situation isn't commonly covered in regular resume sites.

I'm currently enrolled in a liberal arts Masters program. However, I HATE it, and want to leave after this quarter and find a real job. Ideally I'd like to get into teaching, but in the meantime I'm trying to find any type of job I can find.

My question: How do I put my one-quarter of graduate school on my resume? It's important that they know that in the months after my undergrad graduation I wasn't twiddling my thumb, but I don't want to emphasize the fact that I dislike graduate school or bring up any unpleasant questions. (FWIW I think I'm doing fine in my classes, I just don't like the material we're covering and I desperately want a break from school). I'm also a teaching associate, which will help my cause when I go into teaching, but I'm learning valuable business-type skills (presentations, thinking on my feet, meeting deadlines [I have to teach very specific things before the exam dates, because I don't write the exams or set the times], etc), so I'd like to emphasize that bit.

Any help? Please?!
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go here:

if you search job specific resumes it should have a template approximatly the type of format you are looking for...

good luck!