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7/15/07 03:02 pm - eoswildcat - mmore the 2x total education compared to work experince

I have a few questions, but my main one right now is the balance of education vs. work experience on a resume. (very basic resume, I don't have many options in my local area and can't afford to move, yet)
So far I have 4 vocational diplomas, and am being evaluated for my Bachelors right now, having started my Masters recently. (for those who need details I will be happy to explain how this works.)

However. I have less then 2 months work experience between 2 jobs, in 2 different states, both out of state from where I am now.
Also, Most of my schooling is much more recent then the jobs.

I was raised to always fill a page for a resume, no less then one full page and to put both relevant and most recent relevant and schooling first.

any ideas on balance?

Right now all the source material I have to possibly put on any resume is 5+ pages total.

7/13/07 12:59 pm - kmm0630

Hello resume gurus!

I have a quick question. I am a college junior and am applying for an internship. During the school year I am an "office assistant" (receptionist) in a campus office. When I go back in the fall I'll be taking over as the "office manager" (head receptionist). I will have a few more duties as the OM, but I don't technically start until August. Does it go on the resume? If so, how?


EDIT: I decided to share my resume with you guys. A little critique is always appreciated.

My resume

6/28/07 09:02 pm - darynthe - Job hunting

Tips for job hunting, including resume writing

Follow the false cut

6/21/07 02:20 pm - panache62 - revamped my resume

i need to cut things out (it BARELY fits on one page in 11 font), and i'd like advice about the way i reference jobs in my qualifications section.  (should i possibly number the jobs, or something like that?  do i not need references?) let me know what you think...thanks so much!

4/3/07 08:12 pm - snow_camping

Hi everyone!
I'm graduating from college in three months and I'm starting the job hunt. I'm having trouble writing a basic cover letter, something generic that I can re-write for more specific letters. I don't have any real office experience but I have excellent organizational and computer skills that I've learned over time. How do you explain these well in a cover letter?
Also, how long on average should they be?

3/28/07 12:13 pm - shadohrt - Resume Question

I am trying to take a resume format that I have been using for several job-jumps over the past few years and re-work it to be more up-to-date and to have a greater impact with less verbiage.

I am hoping that you, or someone else, can assist me with this process.
If so, should I post the older version and the two alternate prospective versions here in a follow-up 'reply' posting?

If not, can you direct me to a place that can assist me in this endeavor?

Many Thanks!


(cross-posted to several other HR-related communities)

10/19/06 10:17 pm - fluffy109 - sorry if this is off-topic . . .

. . . but i couldn't find a community in which i could really ask my question, other than this one.

i know it's proper to send a thank-you card to a prospective employer following an interview. is it considered a good idea, though, to send one to a staffing agency recruiter after your initial meeting?

again, if this is off-topic, i apologize, but i'd be eternally grateful to anyone who could answer my question. thanks! :-)

10/8/06 01:00 pm - freecarwash

Should I post a list of awards in my resume?

I am applying for a job at a cafe, or soon a retail store. All the awards I have are related to my education and art contests. Should I mention that I won them? There seems to be no connection to how creativity or artisitic ability can bring to slave work like serving and cash register. What would it do?

9/11/06 01:00 pm - tair_samokatoff - Need some help!

I am russian, now applying in foreign company in Moscow, Russia. I need help with my curriculum vitae from an english native speaker. Plese live your e-mail so I can send my sv for checking. From my behalf, I can help you with russian lang. or any kind of questions connected to Russia.

Thank you in advance.


9/7/06 04:45 pm - freecarwash

Thank god!




Quite amusing if you ask me. And great guidelines on what NOT to do.
Good luck everyone!

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