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Help with your resumé or curriculum vitae

1/18/12 05:34 pm - lilmizzaniml

So glad I found this community!  I am rather unhappy in my current job, and am looking to find better work in a similar place (pet resort) or find a nice "big girl" job (I am crazy and I LOVE paperwork!)  However, my resume is just too long and I am having a very hard time cutting it down to something more manageable while still highlighting my skills.  My cousin has offered to help me with this, but she is so busy with paying clients (and major health issues), so that's been really off the radar for her.  Anyway, if you can offer suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate it!  TIA!

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4/14/11 02:23 pm - in_aeternum - hiring!

Work full-time, part-time, or casual time showing people how easy it is to save money by simply lowering their electric rates (COMMERCIAL SALES). You get paid for each customer you sign up and continue to earn with every kilowatt of electricity they use. The ideal candidate will be focused and enthusiastic with a proven track record of success in sales and relationship management. This person will operate with integrity in all that they do, excel in time management, and thrive in a high-energy, fast paced environment.

Job Requirements:


*Must have 2yrs sales experience
*Telesales experience
*Degree preferred but not required
*Good work ethic and professional attitude
*Excellent communication
*Closing skills
*Computer literate

-Develop new business opportunities
-Maintain appropriate sales activity levels to meet desired income
-Develop and implement effective sales strategies
-Track activity levels and sales data in the CRM and Inventory systems

If you fit the above qualifications please reply to this email attaching your resume and you will be contacted. Email Lana at lpiller@allmajorenergyproviders.com

1/26/11 08:06 pm - dupled - resume work history & targetted jobs?

Hi, I'm having some trouble with my resume and I've looked at samples all over the Internet and I don't think I can follow any of them since my work experience is quite different from the type of jobs/career I'm looking for.

I graduated in June 2009 with a B.Comm majoring in marketing but my entire work experience and even the current part time job I'm doing now is cashier work, some retail and cafe waitering and even a stint as a rides operator at an amusement park. Needless to say, none of deal with office setting type jobs and of course, all the sample resumes on the Internet show marketing or at least office work in their work experience column.

Some sites say to use course work or projects as examples, but I don't want to make it seem like I haven't worked at all if I leave the work experience blank. Likewise, I'm a little worried if I include it I'll look uneducated compared to the others.

What do you do in these circumstances? I want to have an appealing resume for office type work and leave retail and cashiering behind me.

11/17/08 03:58 pm - into_context - Ok...

I have been looking for a (good) job for over 7 months now. I landed a job four months ago doing the same old cashiering/food industry work I've been stuck in since high school, and I've been wanting to find something a little more career worthy. I've been having a lot of issues with management lately, and my long time job search is becoming more and more important as I'm getting no hours at my place of employment. Though, since I've been looking for a job for seven months already, the chances of me up and finding one before I'm no longer able to make rent are pretty slim. So now, I'm trying my hardest to better my job search. Im posting my resume here, and I would really appreciate some tips or advice. Thank you.

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6/20/08 11:16 am - gojobs

Hello, all in Resume Help.

I’m new to this community, and want to jump in slowly.


My name is Bill, and I work for an online job board called GOJobs.com. 

While I’m not a “professional Resume Writer”, I do have a lot of experience with Resumes and Internet Job Searching.


In response to the question regarding putting the “Office Manager” title on your resume… Don’t!

First off, that isn’t your existing position.

The best way to do this would be to state in your experience, or description of your position something like the following:

“In the Fall, I will return to xyz company, in a new position, as “Office Manager”. I will be managing xyz, etc.” This shows that you are moving up, taking initiative, etc.


In the near future, I hope to add more and answer more questions in this community.


For some relevant resume questions, visit http://gojobs.com/seeker/cc/resumecenter/careercenter.asp



Bill Stevens


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1/16/08 11:52 pm - necrotica

Hello, everyone. Would you please give your opinion on my husband's résumé?

Here it is (companies left off for the purpose of posting here).Collapse )

10/26/07 06:27 pm - scorpio11681

I am looking for a new job again and need to update/redo my resume.

My question is this...I worked for a company for 8 years part time, I left there in Oct. 2006 after I graduated college. Because of financial reasons, I am now working there again 2 nights a week and I have been back since Sept.2007 plus working my regular full time job during the day.

On my resume, I have that I worked at this company for 8 years, but should I update it and say I am working there again currently?

10/22/07 01:15 pm - 5ampunkrock - Help!

Hi, I just joined. Any help would be wonderful, as my situation isn't commonly covered in regular resume sites.

I'm currently enrolled in a liberal arts Masters program. However, I HATE it, and want to leave after this quarter and find a real job. Ideally I'd like to get into teaching, but in the meantime I'm trying to find any type of job I can find.

My question: How do I put my one-quarter of graduate school on my resume? It's important that they know that in the months after my undergrad graduation I wasn't twiddling my thumb, but I don't want to emphasize the fact that I dislike graduate school or bring up any unpleasant questions. (FWIW I think I'm doing fine in my classes, I just don't like the material we're covering and I desperately want a break from school). I'm also a teaching associate, which will help my cause when I go into teaching, but I'm learning valuable business-type skills (presentations, thinking on my feet, meeting deadlines [I have to teach very specific things before the exam dates, because I don't write the exams or set the times], etc), so I'd like to emphasize that bit.

Any help? Please?!

10/5/07 12:05 am - billy_ray_cyrus

I'm currently a student working on getting my BFA in studio art. I'm wanting to apply for a screenprinting job since I've been thinking about taking time off school anyhow. The ad says "please email experience", so I thought I would go ahead and send in a resume.
Seeing as I've never written a resume, I've been trying to scrap one together.
This is what I've pieced together so farCollapse )

9/10/07 09:08 pm - teawithrushdie - Urgent Help Please!


I have been trying to get as much critique as possible for my resume, since I have to attend a big career fair tomorrow. I am interest in getting hired in a finance position: as a consultant or an analyst. Please provide feedback, any and all is welcome, thank you in advance.


To secure a job analyzing broad capital market activites.


School Name
Bachelor of Arts, Multidiscipline Study Field, December 2007
Concentration: Impact of Globalization Emphasizing Economic Stability
Major GPA 3.38/4.0 Overall GPA 3.23/4.0


Private Bank, Location, State, June, 2006 - Present
Preferred Banking Intern
• Retain key clients through benefits of online banking, business banking online and bill pay
• Provide training assistance to new interns
• Establish online client profiles and demonstrate the functionality of the online services.
• Increased Bill Pay and Online Banking Clients database by 500 clients
• Candidate for company's award program

University Calling Center, Location, State January, 2006 - May, 2006
• Conducted calls to University affiliates to raise funds for campus wide initiatives.

School of Journalism, Location, State January, 2006- May, 2006
• Transcribed Hindi to English for student documentaries

Research Program, Location, State August, 2005 - May, 2006
Thinker Tools Project Research Assistant
• Analyzed videotapes of students playing cognitive, social and meta-cognitive roles in the classroom.
• Investigation and understanding the use of role-playing as an instructional method for developing student capabilities.
• Transcribed videotapes of students playing the roles.

Debt Company, Location, State June, 2005 - December, 2005
Marketing Intern
• Orchestrated client correspondence, created brochures, maintained excel databases, and prepared PowerPoint presentations
• Benchmarked optimal location and layout of future of leads based on consumer demographic/psychographic data
• Provided translation assistance for Hindi/Punjabi-speaking customers


Computer: Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Quicken, Quickbooks
Banking Programs: Bisys TBPA, Digital Insight, Data Distributor, Check Free Products
Language: Fluent in spoken and written Hindi. Fluten in spoken Punjabi
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